Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bend it like Bullwinkle

The Moose, a gift from the people of Minnesota, theoretically hangs low enough that Phoebe could reach it with very little effort. However, she prefers to kick it rather than grab for it. Mummy may have to rethink her opposition to youth soccer.


Kathryn said...

At three months, Theo kicked everything that hung in front of him, too. Now, at four months, he grabs everything with both hands and shoves as much as he can into his mouth (a toy, a burp cloth, my hair...). Everything gets VERY wet and slobbery, so that moose better watch out.

Kathryn said...

I also meant to say how beautiful her quilt is! Are those Amy Butler fabrics?

the Smart Bohemian said...

My mom made the lovely blanket in a quilting class. I don't think the fabrics are Amy Butler, but they were definitely a coordinating set.